BIBS Colour Double Pack | Sky Blue
BIBS Colour Double Pack | Sky Blue

BIBS Colour Double Pack | Sky Blue

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Lalt Collective is a leading stockist of the BIBS Dummies

BIBS Dummies are the on trend dummy and are the must have accessory for your little one. 

These Danish made dummies are simply divine. The teats are made with 100% natural rubber, while the face shield with a natural soft latex shape cherry teat. The teat has been designed specifically and recommended by midwives to support natural breastfeeding.

BIB Dummies meet Australia Safety standards (AS2432-1991) and European safety standard (EN 1400+A1). 

BIBS are sold in pre packaged BIBS branded packs of 2 - Each pack is supplied with detailed product information and care instructions. 

Please read and follow all information carefully, as the safety of your baby is the most important thing.

BIBS Colour is available in 3 different sizes. 
We suggested an approx. age for each size, however this should only be used as a guide. Every small child is different, and some children prefer a larger or smaller nipple. We therefore advise you to try what your baby prefers. 

Size 1 recommended for 0-6m

Size 2 recommended for 6-18m

Size 3 recommended for 18m+

Please choose carefully, as due to the nature of these dummies no refund or exchanges will be accepted. 

Some important information for you... 

⁃ Bibs pacifiers are BPA, PVC & phthalates free.
⁃ Material/size: Natural rubber latex size 1, 2 and 3. Size 1 & 2 are suitable from birth.

Safety & Care 
⁃ Compliant with the highest of safety standards. Designed and made in Denmark.

 Sterilising Instructions 
⁃ Pop in a cup of boiling water for 5 minutes. 
Remove from the cup and squeeze any excess water from the teat. BIBS dummies have vented teats so it's not uncommon for water to penetrate the teat. 

Don't leave the dummy in the cup for longer than 5 minutes as it can cause the rubber to get lighter in colour (this doesn't affect the use of the dummy). Do not boil the dummy on the stove. This will cause burn marks on the plastic (or melt it entirely).

⁃ Replace after 4-6 weeks Please note: natural rubber will expand with sucking so older dummies may look larger than new dummies. As soon as the 4-6 week mark gets closer you'll notice considerable swelling of the dummy. This is a good indication that it must be replaced

We offer returns on all full price items including a 7 day return policy on all full price orders or exchange/store credit on orders returned within 30 days. Some conditions may apply.

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