Cheese Lovers Kit


Say cheese! Everything you need for a cheese tasting extravaganza: from slate serving boards to attractive wooden chutney spoons & cheese knives.

Warning, cheesy puns ahead:

Whether he’s a blue cheese fiend (the smellier the better), has a penchant for a bit of creamy camembert, or sticks to the classic British cheddar, this Cheese Lover’s Accessory & Tasting Set is a great after-dinner conversation starter. And an un-brie-lievable way to worm your favourite caerphilly chosen cheese puns into the evening.

This cheese gift set contains specialist knives and chutney spoons. Any fromage connoisseur will be impressed by the wooden cutlery - carefully crafted and won't affect the flavour of their selection.

Their next cheese and wine dinner will be even more of a delight. Even if they're just serving cheddar. We won't tell anyone.