Toshi Sunhat Mystical | Dandelion


Brand Toshi

Toshi Sunhat Mystical | Dandelion

Toshi presents the classic Sunhat Mystical. This lovely sunhat features a classically feminine design.

The wide brim offers increased sun protection. A head tie creates adjustable sizing and the chin tie with toggle secures the hat and offers ease of wear.

Toshi Sunhat Mystical is made from quality cotton.


Size guide refers to the hed circumfrence of the child.  

  • XXS 37cm (Premmie / Newborn)
  • XS 43cm (0 - 8 months)
  • Small 52cm (8 months -  2 years)
  • Medium 54cm (2 years - 4 years)
  • Large 56cm (4+)
  • Extra Large 58cm (Bigger Kids / Adults)